Family Education Programme Training modules


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Many studies observed that mentally retarded children’s learning capacity and self-esteem increase with their parent’s participation in their education programs. For this reason, a comprehensive and organised family education program addressing the target audience, will be created during the Project. The program will be designed according to scientific findings and concrete needs.

The expected effects of the preparation and implementation of this intellectual output are:

– Learning to cope with the problem according to the characteristics of their children, whose families generally has low socioeconomic background.

– To be able to maintain the kindness, manners and other social values they learn at school in order to prepare their children for social life and to integrate with the society,

-Preparing their children for the future and recognizing their duties in order to have a job,

– Gaining self-confidence with quality leisure activities at home,

– Learning strategies to cope with the problems,

– Supporting their children’s vocational education at home