• We Are At Work Too

    The Erasmus+ Project ‘We are at work too’ is dedicated to children with intellectual disabilities, their families and educators. The main goal of the Project is studying the relationship amongst families, students, educators and employers in order to offer them digital and innovative tools to guarantee children with intellectual disabilities greater autonomy and personal success.

  • In order to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, which is one of the objectives of the EU 2020, it’s vitally important to obtain employment, productivity and new skills. It has been determined that the most common problems faced by students who graduated from the Department of Food and Beverage Services are personal hygiene (self-care skills), courtesy, social skills and working skills. With this project we are expected to improve these skills of students and promote their employability.



International Research on Family Education and Student Professional Competences


Family Education Programme Training modules


Supportive Vocational Education Modules for Students


Implementation Guide for Trainers


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